1. S

    the modeling technical on 3d smax

    hi i wnat know which is the modeling technical that you uses on 3d max because i want learn to do a dbz character greetings sinnick
  2. A


    i checked the list of frequently asked questions my question was there but the answer wouldnt solve the problem. After a little bit ESF will just completely close out and i tried switching to OpenGL and D3D but OpenGL wasnt supported and D3D just didnt help :\ Edit - All drivers are up...
  3. M

    little bit of technical trouble, please help.

    Hello, Whenever I try to join or start a game, I get this error "Could not load library esf/Cl_dlls/Client.dll" the mod is installed into "C:\Program Files\Half-Life\esf" and i cant seem to figure out whats going on. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you
  4. J

    Technical Questions!

    Sup fellas =) I was just wondering, about my computer. Any advice or answers would be truely great. Here goes. I have a Pent4 2.4 Ghz, 384mb ram, and a GeForce4MX440 Series (64mb VidCard). I was thinking about an update... getting another stick of 256ram, making it a sum of 640 something ram...
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Additional Technical Help!

    Alright. First of all, my internet explorer doesnt work. I tried reinstalling it, but it didnt work. Its practicly uninstalled. Now, moving on. ALL the time "every couple minutes usually" i get a "pop up." I used the term "pop up" because nothign coems up. It just disrupts what ever I...
  6. B

    Technical Help

    Hey. Every time i open a folder, or anything, this thing pops up saying "installing microsoft money 2002" If i sit and let it install, it will say i need a disc or something like that. Then it will crash my windows explorer... its quite aggirvating, does anyone have a solution? I...
  7. A

    Some technical Issues?

    ok doodz, heres the deal: Number A) When i go into Options --> Keyboard, Nothing, i repeat, NOTHING is there. That little box that lists all of the things you can change is EMPTY....not a thing in there. Number B) I dont have the ig fancy dany main menu or anything else like that, its just...
  8. S

    Technical Help Forums!

    Hello everyone, I've made some Technical Help forums which you may find here : You may post for any kind of help there and we will do anything in our power to help you! Have fun posting. -UltraPerfectCell P.S. See Phobius before closing.
  9. S

    im THE n00b at modeling and i need...

    ...a good tutorial that explains everything. i tried to model with the milkshape (or whatever) tut but i got stuck ing the 6th page... (told u i was a n00b). so i would really appriciate it if u would give me a good tut that explains how to do everything and not just say "change the transparansy...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpapers wallpapers

    yeah i know not to technical render clouds, diference clouds, invert, radial blur, color balance. tell me what u think. i dont want it based on difficulty but on overal look
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