1. Stanz


    Ok, I have noticed alot of people making seperate soundpacks and single models without sounds to go with them etc. Now, How about we setup a team that work together to create sounds and models etc and then have them uploaded to a site (I have a unlimited space FTP, that the team would be able...
  2. K

    A new move for certain characters, its a teamwork thing

    I dont know if people would like this or not or if its been said (sorry if it has) but maybe there could be a move like life give or something similar, it could be impiment in different ways like you can only use it if you have such and such health or ki, well the move could be that you could...
  3. Vegito1180


    Anybody want to work together on a model if intersted E-mail [email protected] or post in this thread
  4. Jonka


    Might be a dumb idea but I just like to post what comes to mind.Holding the enemy for your teammate to hit or blast a beam on like when goku held his brother from the back while piccolo got rdy to shoot his beam at his bro. So youd get behind an enemy and beable to hold them in a lock and the...