1. A

    Happy bday TCiccarelli

    Well happy Bday if it's ur bday today cuz it say's on the forum... Hope ur feeling well ;)
  2. Cold Steel

    Happy b-day TCiccarelli

    I've red your dev journal, and you're not where you are supposed to be, home, celebrating with friends. I still hope your b-day will be a blast, get well soon. Cold Steel.
  3. Synth

    Get Well, TCiccarelli

    TCiccareli, Hey guys I know I haven't posted in here for a while but it's because I have been in the hospital. 2-28-04 I woke up and I could barely breath. i thought my lungs were collapsed but the real issue was that in both of my lungs I have a huge amount of blood clots. Also my left lung...
  4. Reptile

    gl TCiccarelli

    well after reading TCiccarelli post i couldnt help postig this topic, i hope u get over this crap you are in right now. hopefully things will work out for you just fine, take it easy bro, maybe well talk one day when youre full of good health. jeah i'm duth, and i'm not the best...
  5. T

    No editing TCiccarelli's work

    MEGA THREAD of modelling and Skinning. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! When beta 1.2 comes out fans will no longer be allowed to edit my skins, or use them in any way. I'm sorry if this is a inconvinece to you guys but just look at it this way. I spent 30 hours on one skin and its like a art to me...