1. O

    Double tapping made easier?

    Is there a way to bind a key to swooping in a certain direction instead of double tapping? tanx Otius
  2. Z

    I hate double tapping

    I got pissed off after playing for 30 minutes because my finger got tired and I couldnt enjoy the rest of the game. You cannot respond as fast and this shouldn't be an issue. It makes the game feel clunky and not nearly as smooth as 1.1. When double tapping you dont always press the first...
  3. S

    tapping spacebar after shooting a beam

    im not sure if this has been mentioned before. ive only tried this with a generic beam. basically what happens is when u tap spacebar after shooting a beam it makes the beam 'hop around' like crazy, and i think if it hits the ground when u do this, it blows up and your character starts moving in...
  4. M

    Tapping Into Life Force

    Sometimes, during the show, it would seem like the fighters push themselves way too far, and end up using their life force to charge attacks instead of just using ki. So why not be able to use your health as a substitute for ki? You'd only use it if you had to, obviously, as no-one likes to lose...