1. Zeonix

    Hottest Planet around. I'd tap it.

    http://space.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn11816&feedId=online-news_rss20 Good stuff.
  2. N

    Swooping - Must it be a double key tap?

    I've been playing 1.2.3 for a while now (previously played a few years ago, just before it came out) and while most of it is good, one thing really gets to me. I am not good at double-tapping keys. It's fuggly, counter-intuitive and sometimes very difficult to pull off when you need it most as...
  3. B

    Help i can't tap in esf 1.1

    Hi, Is this standard on esf 1.1 that you can't tap ( pressing forward 2x or backwards or left or right to move faster).
  4. U

    Double Tap Tweak

    I've searched threads but all suggesting to remove the double tap. I'm not suggesting that so i didn't want to put this in someone elses thread. Suggestion: Why couldn't swooping work like this. It would be just as difficult except it would be faster to do. Thus increasing the gamespeed...
  5. B

    Want better graphics and fps, and for the double tap bug to be fixed....read this!

    get hltoolz at www.hltoolz.com it fixes the double tap swoop by making it client side....which means no delay before u start swoopen...it makes other stuff not depend on ping either...good for high pingers who get a bit of delay on double tap swoopen and it fixes it not worken somtimes either...
  6. Flying Dutchman

    swooping down, < double tap fly down >

    Somebody tell me what im doing wrong, I can`t swoop down anymore, I mean with double tap crouch/fly down or whatever that`s called, I did it a few times right after I installed the game, but now its impossible and I don`t see any1 else doing it either. Has it been taken out or something ?
  7. KilledWithStyle

    Double Tap Sensitivity

    I was thinking. I find my self "accidently" double taping when I just want to move around. I was thinking of makeing a sensitivity for double taping, so you can request a large interval or a short inverval for doing a DT. Also (another problem that I really didnt want to make an other thred...
  8. G

    douple tap moves

    i was thinking about you maybe could add douple tap movement... ect. douple tap "forward" a little jump forward. douple tap "backway" jump backway land on hands and land on legs again. douple tap "left/right" quick step right. Hope you like the idea. :)
  9. C

    Melee + Double Tap Swoop

    Additional moves when using the sweet Double Tap Swoop. Ex. Double Tap Swoop- Right, then hit the main melee button. At the end of this strafing swoop the fighter does a 360 roundhouse kick toward the right. Double Tap Swoop- Down, then hit the main melee button. At the end...
  10. D

    Question with Double Tap

    Now uhh.. i dont know if this has been answered before or whatever and how many people gunna flame me because this has came up more then once, but can you go sideways and backwards with double tap? With the HOW'ing that goes on now going backwards and sideways combos would be uhh pretty ***...
  11. Delusional

    Double Tap Swoop?

    Ok Some People May Think Double Tap Swooping Is Good But I Don't Like It So Heres A Poll
  12. S

    Teleportation Binded to Double Tap

    I think teleporting should be binded like this: W, W= Tele Forward S, S = Tele Backward A, A = Tele Left D, D = Tele Right Jump, Jump = Tele Up Crouch, Crouch = Tele Down I just think it would be easier this way. Anyone agree?