1. Layne

    Cintiq 21 UX Tablet... i bought one...

    Well, in the happy world where everyone uses a tablet, i thought i realy needed one myself... It all startedi when i decided that i will start my own business, and after a few years im a happy owner of one of the finest companies in my region, i even hire a few people ! so naturaly i started...
  2. K

    Bamboo One Tablet

    i just got my new bamboo one tablet i know its not great but its so cool to draw with it :D
  3. Nemix

    Bamboo One Tablet

    i just got my new bamboo one tablet i know its not great but its so cool to draw with it :D
  4. +HottsaucE@+


    im not realy sure wot tablets r but iknow u can draw on them and they show up on ur pc screen. is this tablet worth $25 ? just seeing wot u guys think
  5. L

    Wacom Tablet problems

    Well, some time this year, ( I forgot, atleast 3 months ago) I bought a 400-500$ tablet( ). I only used it a few time's, and packed it away.. recently, I forgot why I did just that.. I wanted to really use it, so I hooked it...
  6. Super Veggeto

    Trying out my tablet...

    bought it a few months ago...and i had a few problems with it..till yesterday i decided to try it out again and just have fun. this is what i came up with =D so, c&c are welcom =)
  7. bapplebo

    First time with a tablet

    Weeeee~! Bought a Graphire3 today, was having fun ^^
  8. S

    Kept in the dark painted- new tablet ^_^

    well i got myself a new tablet, and i just really wanted to get goin, i liked my pencil sketch for this one so i painted it oh and this is just for show, u can see the feet a lot better without the gausian blur and overlay. There are a few mistakes here and there but im too tired so heh...
  9. Enix

    Bah, First Tablet Drawling

    lol, i know its terrable but i jut got a tablet yester day and i was messin around with it tryin to figure it out and i final figured it out but im no pro....yet :D Dont make fun...[rofl] :laff:
  10. S

    any help with a trust tablet?

    well i got my tablet, and it worked fine at first, but now, instead of where my cursor is on the screen being in the same place i point to on the tablet, my stylus acts like a mouse........ any help?
  11. Z

    wacom tablet

    hi every body i wanted to know if there wher anny tutorails on how to use wacom tablet and wat programs are teh best to use it with i have wacom tablet graphire 2
  12. Wangster

    Wacom tablet

    can someone give me some information about a Wacom tablet, i heard that with these things you can draw graphicly?? and the costs of a normal/good tablet?
  13. GoldSaiyan

    Random Katana

    This is just an Katana, I've made it by looking at a original Katana. And drawing it on the computer. Even though this picture sucks, I am much better with drawing pictures with the pencil. I can understand it that people will start hammering me with negative words. So hammer away :)...
  14. GotenksOwnz

    Wat do i need to....

    Yo guys i would like to know wat program i use to make sigs and pics of my own. Thanx for any help
  15. N

    A little question about skinning/modeling

    I want to learn it.. I have GMax.. but that is a modeling program right?? Mayb skinning is more my style .. I don't know.. But how do I learn it??? Greetz... PS: Mayb this should be in the n00b forum. I don't know.. But on this forum are the GODS :D
  16. S

    Goku Head Reskin

    i redid the face of goku... this is my first skin done with my new graphics tablet, so go easy on the critisism... anyway, enjoy!