1. Skyrider

    Looking for a good sync software

    I'm looking for a software which can sync specific files/directories to another part of my HDD. While keeping both intact, but only update the target, not the source. Anyone can recommend me a good free one?
  2. C

    Sync the Avatar head with the actually head

    Making a sync with the avatar face expression/head at the buttom left side of the screen to the actual fighting character, will make much more sense and will be awesome :smile:
  3. Skyrider

    DropBox - Sync your files anywhere

    I just received this from a friend at school, and I must say this is a pretty nifty software. With this software you can sync your files anywhere. It's a small software which "links" your computer to be able to share your files and folders and downloads the files/folders to another computer. It...