1. Skyrider

    Picture Madness :: Sweet Team goodness!

    <center><a href="http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/32/others/teampic.jpg"<IMG SRC="http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/32/others/teampic_thumb.jpg"</a><br><br><b><font size="3">To let you guys all know. The one on the left is Andrew (MastaSurf), the guy having his head on his shoulder is...
  2. O

    Check out my sweet cooling system for my laptop

    I'm really scared one of those bags are going to pop, hah. Anyone have any better suggestions?
  3. ZeroNightmare

    sweet bioshock trailer

    http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/bioshock/media.html?autoplay=6166763&tag=topslot;title;1&om_act=convert&om_clk=topslot the newest HD one... its insane
  4. Jakut

    Happy b-day oh sweet one.

    You're one year older now Magus. Though 19 is not 18 or 21, tis still a good age. Incase you guys are thinking that it's too early, in my defence, i'm going to say that i live in Estonia and it's 1:08 here.
  5. Grega

    Sweet 17

    Happy birthday Yugi_Yami Now if you are good enough to stand from that drinkathon you had yesterday you should have anotherone today for your birthday :p
  6. |::Z::| Cloud

    SWEET Aegis Shield

    Here is the finished aegis shield i modelled (Darkside skinned it and helped to delete some hidden faces) hope ya like it ^^
  7. S

    Oh sweet sweet nectar...

    http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/vtmb/index.html?q=vampire I can't friggin' wait. This game is going to rule. Looks like deus on steroids. Anyone else here on the edge of there seat for this game?
  8. Delusional

    A Sweet game thats free :D!!! (Not WarEz)

    Ok i was browsing dragonball/z/gt websites and found this http://rpg.naget.com/?nfunc=news ITS A MMORPG(massivly Mutliplayer Online Roleplaying Game) THATS FREE!!! All u have to do is register its not the best of graphics but its somthing to do every now and then! :)
  9. Nuttzy

    EEA new frieza

    <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3" codebase="http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/files/MS3DViewerOCX.cab#version=1,0,0,6"> <PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536"> <PARAM NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="16007"> <PARAM...
  10. Nuttzy

    bebi piccolo replacement release

    (old picture) new model ^_^ http://www.angelfire.com/pro/bbadapter/bebi.zip the readme also says this, if someone wants to make a vegeta replacement pack go ahead ill allow that, but nothing else, also it has no sounds cuz i couldnt get ahold of my sound guy all day yesterday, and i got a...
  11. S

    Gohan from NG (quick pencil art)

    here you go: enjoy!
  12. N

    Vash model?

    has anyone ever thought of makin a vash model? I'm supprised there isn't one out right now... bein so many vash fans and all :laff:
  13. |Da|K|


    hey made somthin with ma man maelstrom....he did render LINK CRIZT PLZ
  14. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Nuttzy base - Goku WIP

    Decided to make goku from nuttzy bse model Credit to: Nuttzy , me
  15. Nuttzy

    super evil beast lookin thing

    well, i got bored and i remembered an old fusion i made up called berceolo, (burter and piccolo, and i started building him, but when i got done with teh head, i just said screw it and made him something new, i dont plan on finishing him but id any of you do ill give you the ms3d
  16. S

    "The Death of Hamtaro" the life of a hamster

    another picture from my friend http://chaoticsniper.tripod.com//sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/hamtarodies.jpg
  17. Rebirah

    2nd esf forums group pic

    Im not even closed to being finished.. Tell me if u wanna be in it as well ^_^ and yes yes.. I did start this because of dudeman...:/ EDIT: added a watery background EDIT2: Added My5tIcDrAg0n as an evo 8 :)
  18. Jimesu_Evil

    Raditz v3

    I have updated mine and Brollman's Raditz model to be 1.1 compatible, and also made some new improvements. Check it out... Here is a list of improvements: - Edited the hair, now it looks more like Raditz hair (the old hair looked too neat) - Added his red armband and legband -...
  19. D

    Vegetunks model, need of team!

    I need a modelor and an animator..I think
  20. J


    yay im unbanned and now i can post da bender :D for whoever did not see on sos, just a quickie model i did when i was bored. 850 polies w/o accessories :D crits, comments?