1. Damaera

    Sven Coop is FINALLY out! That's right, it's finally out. Anybody want to play some coop?
  2. M

    Sven Co-op 4 Trailer

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  3. Kurt`

    Sven Coop: Resident Evil?!?

    Every so often in the past, a group of ESFers (me, prozac, magus, hsu, valkyrie_alpha, pain, synth, etc.) would all play Sven Coop on the 2 Resident Evil maps. Very good times. We should do it again! (while I currently have access to a very fast windows machine, there's no linux libs, and...
  4. SierraSonic

    Warning: If you have downloaded Sven Co-op 3.0...

    Sven Co-op 3.0 replaces the old fmod.dll with a newer version, ESF isn't going to work with it. Sven Co-op will not work with the old fmod.dll ether. So until ether ESF is updated, don't install Sven Co-op 3.0. If you just have to play Sven Co-op 3.0, and ESF at the same time. Try to work out...
  5. T

    Whats This Map's Name?!?!

    I WANT TO KNOW THIS MAP'S NAME!!!! I remember playing a map in BOTM, but i cant remember its name and i thought it was really FCKIN COOL. (you might be wondering why im not posting this in the BOTM forum, I DID, THEY WONT ANSWER!) All i can give you is a discription: 1. It was small...
  6. S

    Sven Co-op

    Does anybody know, when the next version of Sven Co-op will be out?
  7. MaX

    Need A good Modeler To make custom models for a map

    if u can model well post some pics here. me and a friend are makin a Sven-Coop Cristmas map and we need someone to make custom models like A santa elf,snowman and weapon models to if ya can anyway im makin the textures friend mapin and texturing,. ifu have icq. icq me at 174171640. icq me if...
  8. SSj Gotenks

    Sven Coop

    Hey has anybody played the mod game Sven co-op? I really want to play it but I dont think it will run on a Counter-strike retail cd? any help from the ppl who have it?
  9. p5yCh0

    another non sig thread yay!

    yay its another non sig post!!! yay!!