1. Ready2GoXtr

    Well I just got suprised the hell out of yesterday..

    So get this Ive been having this cough bothering me for a week. And had a really high fever. I took medicine over the week and I wasn't getting any better. Yesterday I went to the Doctor cause I needed to get better, I can't miss anymore college classes. They take the x-ray of my chest while I...
  2. NeLo

    Well This One Is Better...Im suprised

    Hey guys, im at it with Kenshin again although something about this wallpaper just seems really neato i think. I axed bryggz and he said it was pretty cool but kinda weird. Though i do agree with him..its just something about this piece just i dunno just makes me wanna just stare at it..So guys...
  3. G

    Some good water map

    :p Does anyone know some high water map with some air space??? And sometimes I can't submit reply to thread!!! Goodie,the crown of yewels...
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