1. Zeonix

    Mars Supported Microbial Life May have, anyway. The more we learn about Mars, the more the planet seems like a dead (or not) Earth, rather than just an inhospitable wasteland. It'd be interesting to find out just how far life progressed on that planet before the ****...
  2. |Overlord|

    OpenGL Now Natively Supported in Windows Vista We can only hope that Vista doesn't get any more bad publicity throughout what's left of it's delvelopment before it ships and what further decisions microsoft makes with it (or what else we hear about it). Even though it's not going to ship with...
  3. S

    an error i never had before, please help!

    OK, i just made a map that im testing a few new prefabs i made. And when i start the map with my star wars a-wing prefab or model i made, i get this error, "mod_numforname: 1 not found".. I never got this error before, and i was wondering if anyone knew what it meant, and how to fix it.. Thanx...
  4. D

    Programs to do models

    Please someone say to me what programs i can use to do some models... better it be freeware - show me the link plzz:shocked: Thx a lot o_o
  5. G

    model makers come here and tell me where i can get software

    i need software so i can make models and maps im a great designer so i can make awesome maps and models and i wont hold them for myself ill give to all even if red sayian wants to hold it they can so tell me