1. Ashur

    Zeq2 New stuf...

    -Blam!- im advertizing!
  2. B

    help with advanced tab stuf

    ok i wana set all the advanced tab stuff on or highest levels can someone fill in the missing commands fer me(or lemi know if i missed something) cl_himodels "1" cl_hightexture "1" cl_mp3player "1" cl_beamquality "?" cl_fxquality "3" cl_3drocks "1" cl_dusttrails "1"
  3. S

    I am looking for a Vegeta model

    Ok before you say anything. I used the search button and didn't find squat. Im looking for the Vegeta model that had a Final flash charge sound in it cause it was dope. But i can't find it if anyone of you see it please post it here.
  4. I

    need chibi goku from dbgt

    hey does anyone have a link to a dbgt chibi goku model... i had one but my computer crashed due to lightning and redsaiyan is down so i dont know where to get one... any links or u can just im me at "iceman19847" on aol aim.
  5. sexyasian86

    Super Metriod Samus

    well after spending some time with it. i finished the skin of the new samus. edit some parts of the model. this is by nuttzy. <--also creds. here is the new samus. enjoy. making new sprites now, the charge ball. peace outs
  6. ultrassj_vegeta

    new 3d wallpaper stuf

  7. E

    CS Vegeta, Paikuhan, PT Gohan and Tien....

    just a few newish models alot of them are old just i revamped them and finished them off, gohan is new tho gohan is for SOS, the rest are for EF Pre-Teen Gohan
  8. T

    Simple stuff

    I need help i cant even find the simple stuff like drawing lines Makin boarders with a huge arror apeearing PLEASE HELP!
  9. M

    :Request Perfect Idea

    as i was reading smo janemba model, Why dont we make a fat janamba and form 2, it would replace buu perfect.. mouthblast...other stuff
  10. Skinnerfool


    Would someone post some new plaugin for adobe photoshop 7.0 please cuz i need sum to reskin sum stuff
  11. Vengaurd

    tranforming animations

    i cant seem to find out what file tells half life what things to use in the transformations (gokus lightning, rocks, aura ect.) any help here would be nice
  12. TimTheEnchantor

    Preview of my newest work...

    This will be the longest single project to date by me, and I'll make it quite stunning when I'm done.. here's a preview: Preview here
  13. K

    map suggestion

    can ne 1 make a nameks end map?u know when its all blowing up with lava and stuff
  14. Es_Trunks2

    Bebi pack

    no this isnt just a bebi vegeta pack:] i'm going to add some other bebi's as well,AND I KNOW vegeta is the only one to become a Bebi(name) but i think it would be cool to have mroe bebi's :D anyway the bebi vegeta i'm putting in the pacdk is on my model edit's page,unlike the opther bebi...
  15. C

    gohan with blue suit?

    if any gohan with blue trainings suit is out there please give me the dl link.
  16. E

    Help Borders Please

    I made a sig but i think it will be reall cool with a border anyone tell me how to make 1 cause the modify border thing is plain ugly Edit - Dont know how to take out the white icky stuff
  17. F

    poly limit

    whats the poly limit on esf models?
  18. M

    My new wp's

    I made two new wp's: 1} 2} Tell me what ya think
  19. Ryoko

    Ryoko - Chilled Perception

    Latest wallpaper. Didn't spend too long on it and I kinda got stuck with what to add ~_~ Comments or critism welcome.
  20. M

    New Weapon Model for something or other

    Ok here is a sword I did the other night. If I animate it I will also animate the ribbon things on the end there which would be extremely fun to do (*sarcasim*) But it will be a good thing to do, to get my brain working.