1. P

    New Power Strugle and Teleport

    Hello This Is PiccolosEternity and i have a couple of sudgestions u may say..... 1. Ok i think that when 2 beams collide causing a power strugle dust should kick up from the ground. And if u win Your beam should Engoulf the other beam causing in double damage.. 2.I think you guys should...
  2. D

    Melee Strugle Budokai 2 explode mod

    just make the melee strugle like the budokai 2 explosiv mod so u dont see the 2 player just wait who win the melee strugle But u see allready the combo but dont do domage.. just wait for the winner and the combo is for the winer ^^ that can be funny plz read ^^
  3. sayan master

    advance beam strugle (or B/S)

    hi u'all what u say about an advance beam strugle what i mean is actualy that when a player is in a BS with some1 else he will be able to add 1 more weaker beam to make the beam stronger and rais his chances to win BS to do this it will coast the playe KI that can be very prectios in a BS...
  4. G

    more legeble new power strugle

    yeah i mistyped that on purpose. bad joke. anyways, a more vissual appealing power strugle would involve a custom sprite when the beams come togeather. cell and gohans' ball that formed between them, goku and vegeta's splash like effect, cooler and goku's kamehameha enveloping a portion of the...
  5. V

    power strugle transformation

    i'm not sure if it has been suggested b4 but... wen in a player is blocking a powerful beam and enters the power struggle you should b able to transform in the middle of it (wen uv reached the perfect transformation lvl) for a energy cost is this posible?
  6. Y

    New way to strugle, actual to ez

    i think strugle has nothing of strugle cause its just holding your mouse button...I should be done alterating buttons or fast cliking... whats the hard part of holding the left mouse button...
  7. A

    Power Strugle fixed?

    Just a question, when a person or a beam hits another, iv seen that the beam tends to slide to one side, has this been fixed?
  8. Big Bang Attack

    Power Strugle Bots

    i know that the beta isnt Far off (hopefuly) but i remeber some one saying that they had man there own alpha 2.0 bots the only really powerstrugle i was just wondering if U are still around and still have em could u put them some were so i could download Plz... cause im sick of the...
  9. Y

    Dragonball Power Strugle???

    Did this mod died again?