1. Optimus Prime

    Strongbad's 100th E-Mail!

    Well, it's about 3 weeks late or something, but it has arrived, and I'm about to watch it, I hope it's good... *edit* Hahaha, I was not dissapointed. So many easter eggs :D
  2. S

  3. S

    Can Someone Make Me A Strongbad Siggy?

    Can Someone Make Me A Strongbad Siggy? whoever knows who he is please make me a A Strongbad Siggy! Thanks, REVERSE
  4. L

    My RaWkInGMODEL!!!

    THis is my rawking model i still need anims and need to make the models... im too lazy to finish it...and don't know how soooo... here is the picture And here is the link to the file if you wanna finish my work :)
  5. ZuL

    ZuL model

    Actually, it's not done, I'm only posting a progress pic here to show you how far I've come with it. First I made it a statue, without the arms, and now i thought "Why not give him arms and legs and all that... He will look cool!" So here he is so far. Continuing tomorrow (late here :tired: )