1. Kaination


    well, im sure you all heard of the myspace suicide. everyone was making parodies of him and i decided to make a spin off. *Link Removed* heh, if this offends anyone, im sorry :( Anyways, anyone think its funneh? :o :warning:warning:warning: has strong language :o
  2. Tassadar

    Majin Trunks

    My 3rd edit, it little more complicated than the others. A little more than a recolor, I drew the M on his forehead obviously, recolored his sword and sheathe. Also took off the patch that said capsule corp and replaced it with an M. Heres a pic. This guy actually took me about an hour and a...
  3. V

    Vegeta Begin Saiyan Saga ( Coloured Armor )

    *Image and Download removed due to controvercial reasons* -grOOvy Its a reskin and fixed some bugs in it. Ive worked 2days on it almost non stop ! I hope you all like it. Credits: - D.C. Darkling for the model/Textures - SJ Prince for the great idea/host - Textures/Edit By...
  4. G

    Buu Saga Vegeta Pack!!! SAAAN!!!

    Ladies and Gentlement I present to you !! BUU SAGA VEGETA PACK!! *Happiness Song PLays* The moment you been waiting for here it is!!! THE CREDITS! : -Vegeta- Model: Turk Skin: Mastasurf -SSJ Vegeta- Model: Turk Azn Vegeta Head Skin and Raven for Body Skin Credits to : Th3...
  5. M

    making tien model: need skinner

    Hey ive made a tien model and i need a skinner. If anyone is interested in skinning this mode reply... thank you and ill really appreciate it :laff:
  6. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Download Final GT Goku

    Well , to all that want a new GT goku , heres the final version!!! :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: Credit to: Sin (Sin Goku) + my personal thanx - for assigning the bones and a few edits (thanx again!!!) Azn Dragon - Gohan s body Real modeler of goku - - Goku s head...
  7. T

    Who wants Bomberman?

    Ok I got a little bored so i made a bomberman here he is should i put him into esf with sprites and sounds etc...? YOU decide
  8. NightShade

    Make us gothic people proud :)

    Metro edit a model for me i wanted to show you all. i am very happy with it. <html> <img src=""> For a thug metro you sure do gothic well :P
  9. V

    how/ where do i apply the aura?

    can someone tell me where to put the aura that i d/led because i cant figure it out??:confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. M

    new sig, critz plz.

    Here is my new sig. The graphics i got off and i added the text. Tell me what i need to make it better. I'm not good at gfx.
  11. A

    Perfect cell

    Perfect cell (very very sorry ) Edited model from cell2 .mdl from esf Here is a pic and here is the model but the problem is he has no wings !!!
  12. Guerilla

    ****Download my all new Evil team skins!****

    Get my new skins at: ill make a poll, tell me how good it is by voting!