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    The official steven gerrard appreciation thread!

    now, im not a massive football fan. and i cant say all my hopes and dreams were dashed when wayne rooney injured himself before the world cup... however, after watching the FA cup final on sunday, and being reminded of the awsome tallent of some of the england squad, i cant help but think...
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    Steven Kings IT (book, spoilers)

    seeing no other place to put it, I just finished this book, it kicks ass. So has anyone else out here read it? The movie version sucked tho in comparision to the book, so innacurate >.<. So what do you guys think the Turtle symbolizes? my best guess was that it was god, but then it died, and...
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    My edits!

    Instead of multipule edit threads, im gonna show/releae em all here.. Heres the first taste! GOnna uplaod in a bit, (got hw)
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    Megaman Model!

    Its to replace vegeta. We didnt do Megaman X, we kept it old school. Its for vegeta. its all animated,skin is done, except for the ears, wich aregoing to be re skinmapped :rolleyes: well.. maybe not.. And then shijing is gonna do sounds and sprites, while I do the trans :)
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    Shinobi's BACK!!!

    Thats right, me and Shijing are making Shinobi for beta 1.1 so he can use his sword. Heres his head. ANd BTW, Do you think spiderman would be a cool model. We can make his beams look like webs so he will be able to "Web" jump in 1.1 (Beamjump):laff:
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    Shiek AKA Zelda model (and others)

    I was making some edits and I made shiek. I plan on finishing the head, finishing my Zora model and then making a Naboora model.:]
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    Steven Seagal Cartoons

    These are funny as hell :p . Oh crap, hell isn't funny :\ . Anyway, you get the point :D . Enjoy these Flash cartoons! The Toilet Online Go there, then find the Steven Seagal Flash Cartoons, I think they're somewhere in the bottom.