1. D

    Hacker Steals $12 Million in Zynga Poker Chips If he connected with wifi from someone else would he have gotten away with it?
  2. Tsunami

    Oh, the Delicious Irony: Ubisoft Steals ‘No-CD Crack’ to Fix Rainbow 6: Vegas 2

    Ubisoft uses DRM-crack to get around its own...DRM RPS Article :laff::laff::laff: Oh its just to freaking funny. I love it. DISCUSS!!!!
  3. H

    My Name Vegeta!

    OK here's a small edit I made....just added shoulders to the armor, and gave non-ssj a more "Vegeta Shaped" hair.... Credits: (need name) = Namek Vegeta Edit Logan(??) = More spidey hair ESF-Team = Frieza's shoulders PIC!! I downloaded the Namek vegeta from GSF site and it...
  4. T

    Ersens bradock head skinned by me!

    tell me what you guys htink im still working on it but twll me what still needs work....
  5. K


    lets push HL to its limits at and looks anime it could work really good if you cry make it cel-shaded it would kinda look anime? To the Limit and another thing your the idiot