1. God Gundam

    For your enjoyment, static character model renders

    as the title states, I'm going to start posting static character model renders for each of the completed models shown off in the news as they come out. Specifically just for you force pitters as extra eye candy. These renders will be various angles of the completed model with 100% self...
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    After image or white static teleports?

    A lot of people in my other thread mentioned that they would like to have the 1.1-like teleports in 1.2 and 1.3. So I was wondering if the team could take this into consideration, so I made a poll. After image teleports vs. white static teleports. So, vote.
  3. D


    how you turn a mesh you modeled in 3ds max 6 to a .ase file so i can import it into UED 3.0?
  4. P

    Forum Rules and FAQ

    First off. 1) This is NOT for posting Server IP's or asking FOR Server IP's If you are looking for servers to join go here 2) Please be as specific as possible with your questions or problems. Include all relevant information...
  5. Vengaurd


    hey i finally got i website back up!!!! so for anyone who cares see my sig :D