1. E

    Help with esf 1.3...

    Hi everyone I just started with esf and the forum but I alrady need help :p As you see,I have a problem with esf 1.3 Openbeta.When I install it(Into CS)and appears what to install,it only shows the necesary files and I don't even have a shortcut with it.I already have installed 1.2.3...
  2. S

    Does it?

    I'm new in this, but I wanted to know, if I have CS 1.6 steam, will it work if I install ESF on it? If not, I also heard that ESF will work on the HL demo, is that true?
  3. MrPlow

    Picky DVD-RW?

    Alright i found my "old" Oblivion DVD and decided to install the game since i wanted to play some RPG. Anyway i pop the disc in and my DVD-RW starts "reading" it and then it "autoruns" but the autorun is an empty disc window and it's like there is nothing on the DVD but when i click on...
  4. M

    I habe buyed but give me error the server are occupated ( busy ) ?

    Helppp! i have deleted the steam.dll and no have function...pls help me!
  5. Brim

    Forum Stall?

    Was it just me or could no one else access any threads all day long? What was that?
  6. P

    Continous, actually ALWAYs stall

    Whenever I am testing out new skins or something with bots on any given map, it stalls out after a ki blast or what not, always, everytime I make it. Maybe you can find out by my computers set up: AMD Athlon Xp +2400 512MB Kingston Ram WD 40gb HD 7200 rpm 52x32x52x cd rw drive geforce fx...
  7. R

    Right-click beam detonation stall

    Instead of having the beams detonate the instant the right mouse button is pressed, why not, when you right-click, the beam head stops and stays still, the trail detaches from the fighter's hands, then catches up to the beam head, and when it reaches it, THEN it explodes. It doesn't have to be...
  8. Yazuken

    How do you Install Skyboxes

    Hey, i downloaded a half-life sky box. but i dont know how to install it. can someone help me out
  9. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  10. Wangster


    well, i have found a tutorial wich learns me to map, its pretty simple so far, but i already have a prob, they say that i must put in the hlcsg.exe in the box where they ask csg executeble, well, when i couldnt find the thing, i made a search, and the results say the file isnt on my computer, so...
  11. G

    model installation

    hey guys, i just recently got esf, and its a hype mod for hl, ive managed to install some custom models because they overwrite the one's in the directory, just one question, i got an adult goku gt and where do i put that, does it have to overwrite the old goku to be able to work in the game...
  12. CM

    Milkshape help

    i entered the name and serial after expiration, but the thing still says u cant save. When i open it, it says u have registered but u have to run ms3d for at least 2 mins to have the registeration completed, i run it for 2 HOURS and it still wont let me save
  13. K

    now i need to delete my old esf ???

    to install the 1.1 i need to delete the old version? in this version i still can use the old models?
  14. Wing Zero 0

    Chaos Emerald Model

    Hello, I have just created a Chaos Emerald model to replace the Dragonballs (to celebrate the release of the Sonic model). I made this in Gmax and this is my first model. I have this model, but it still needs to be skin mapped and skinned, compiled, etc. Unfortunately, I have no idea...
  15. T

    Ps7 Error!!!!!!

    I downloaded trial version of adobe and this error came up. So everytime i try and use something it crashes PLEASE HELP!!
  16. Hawki_ice


    Ok i have a gunblade thats a.pk3 file from Quake (i did not make it) Can any one convert it 2 a 3D studio model or something or change it 2 a HL usabile model! If u can you'll have 2 give me your e-mail cause my servers bung! thanx
  17. G

    can some one help me plz?

    can some one plz send me the two spirit bomb sprites because i forgot to back them up. :cry: so if some one can send them to me ill be very greatfull.
  18. Skinnerfool

    sumthing went wrong with milkshape

    when i download milkshape and i never used it before i tryed to make the incredble fighting candyand when i save tells me this This version has expired! You can not save your work anymore! Please register at to re-able saving!
  19. S

    Krillin sounds

    Hey can someone help me i need the original Krillin sounds here my hotmail plz send them to me [email protected] thax allready
  20. Mystacx

    Help Me With Milkshape!!

    people i need your help: i have downloaded milkshape and install goes just fine. but when i run it it lockes up why is this???? im using windows XP proffesional! Please help me out!