1. PiXel

    HAppeh b-day Ssjgoku 83

    ;P happy birfday have a good one alles gute zum geburtstag damn now i know a person who got one day befor my b-day ,b-day
  2. DaKD

    Kikyou WIP

    Well now that im done with Vash I was going to move on to Wolfwood, but i decided taht I wanted to try making a female character. So I thought how about Kikyou from Inuyasha. Heres my work so far : about 15 mins
  3. W

    nice model! but need help....

    ok, i am dont know how to create a model with milkshape and i wish from u guys thet u wiil take this 1.0 goku model and take his hair hair and moved it to goku of 1.1 plz here some pic and then download of the model and plz create me a goku 1.1 beta with new hair from 1.0 model 10x u...
  4. L

    milkshape help

    how do u open models in milkshape? i went to decomplie halflife normal and went under esf but when i click on the model file nothing happens.... can someone plz help me out?
  5. K

    How i put Bardock on the game?

    i have the mod of Bardock and i dont now how i put it on the game )-: someone can help me plz......
  6. M

    downloaded models

    im new to the forum, but not new to the esf. But when i downloaded charcters like majinvegeta and grown gohan. i didnt work. i also downloaded ssj3goku and when i went into ssj the hair was black, plzz help:talk: :talk:
  7. G

    Does anyone have a ssj3 Goku Skin?

    Don't tell me to go to, because Ive been there and when i downloaded it, it was a goku skin along with the other 5 i downloaded. anyone else have a ssj3 goku skin?
  8. J

    Goku original skin

    can someone send me the original goku and ssjgoku model lz [email protected]
  9. DaKD

    Are my models @$!%

    well i need to see how i stand and if i need to try harder at modeling so tell me what u think
  10. Y

    Help with Model ;_;

    ok hi @ all i am new here ^^ and i have a problem i tried to compile an qc file with milkshape and always it say this --> ************ ERROR ************ \esf_vegeto\/./reference.smd doesn't exist can somebody tell me how to fix it?? ;)
  11. K


    How do i switch models i go into my esf folder then model then player then i took ou ssj goku mdl the put in ssj3 goku mdl but when i transformed i went to normal sayin not ssj or ssj3 PLEASE HELP
  12. S

    Reskin of ssjgoku

    i editted the original skin from the ssjgoku model that comes with esf, lookie what i made (i did NOT make this model nor the skin, i only editted it)
  13. Hibiki


    here is yet another ssj goku... this is my first model edit so shut up 16..... :P ps the reason the hair looks kind of funky is because i didnt add any new polys..
  14. D

    SSJ Goku

    wow im bored... i have nothing to do so i edited goku... here ya go...
  15. D

    Cool Ssj Goku

    well, i made this in like 30 seconds, real easy... so here ya go, i will post a download later...