1. D

    me again srry to bother :]

    hi guys me again (i must be annoying you guys :p ) i have installed the esfb 1.2.3 and the EVM but i can't join anny servers cuz then i just start to download MUCH ****... and i need a link too the evm server thingy so i can make my OWN EVM servers can anny 1 help me? :]
  2. C

    ? srry but ... ?

    can u make a tread of how far u guys are with 1.2 or make a special thing wirh the % on so we can see or update the news faster pls can u do that pls ????
  3. C

    srry to ask but ...

    can u make a tread of when esf 1.2 is done or update the news more then we can follow and dont ask after when it done so when its done is the mirror bad or what because i wana play 1.2 (we wana play it lol) so cnau say pls or do it ? pls thx
  4. D

    hi srry bout this

    ok first of all sry for the new tread but i need the help really bad i need somthin to work my vodoo2 card with esf cause the game freezes in 30 min but i maybe need new drivers or somthin but i dont know were to look or what to dl so would u wanna help me? Deathscytche
  5. Delusional

    Srry if i'm a pest

    Hey I Need A Sig But Dunno Any Sig Makers here I Have One In Mind From My Old Mohaa Clan Just Need Words On This Pic Any Sig Makers P.M. Plz
  6. Devion

    new background.

    <img src=""> Made a new background for my pc srry for the high resolution but my pc has this resolution.
  7. T

    no request

    srry everyone i wish i was better but im not zero im tridan zero is my 14 year old brother his a little freak i hate him so im srry ill t5alk to someone so they could try putting back the thread.
  8. Wangster

    lightwave 7.0 , please help.

    please help. i decided to start modeling today, and *got* lightwave 7.0 well, i have a verry good tutorial, but it asks for a sphere, i know what it is, BUT!: i first make a ball, cuz i can find sphere, then i just have the surroundings for a ball, nothing is showing up in the perspective can...
  9. Wangster

    srry, didint fit in the styles topic.

    well, i made another topic for this one, cuz it isnt a style, its just some crappy thing i made up. its an evil munskin :D check it out:
  10. Z

    Dragonball GOku

    Dragonball Goku is my favorite character...if someone could be so kind to make him i would be very apreciative...uhh u could make his attacks Kamehameha, Normal Blast, Ki Wave, Charge (Hit them with his head) he could fly on his cloud if possible and his transformation could be ssj :P
  11. W

    Is down?

    Hey guys! Is down? because everytime i try to go there it goes "Gateway error occured" Can anyone help me?
  12. Mystacx

    Help Me With Milkshape!!

    people i need your help: i have downloaded milkshape and install goes just fine. but when i run it it lockes up why is this???? im using windows XP proffesional! Please help me out!
  13. M

    Great saiya man ReleaSed -animated banada -bandana comes off after ssj -added his *** great saiya dance lol -some other crap
  14. Z

    Personal modeling highs, and lows

    Heh, just because I'm bored and have nothin' better t'do... I thought it would be interesting to see modelers Highs and Lows. Heh, course it's optional, but I think it would be kinda cool. :D So post what you think is your best AND worst model (If you still have it/Have pics of it) (if...
  15. M

    Esf Majin Vegeta !!SKIN!!

    I have edited the origonal esf vegeta skin to be majin vegeta cos hes coo :P heres some pics :P and here is the model file. NOTE! I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL!!. I ONLY EDITED THE SKIN DOWNLOAD MODEL HERE
  16. MrMasj

    ESFT Projekt are DEAD

    Im affraid the fact that my Hd with the Rmf files did get some serius problems is a thing to accept. The Hd will proberly not start before i can find some one who can fix it or in some way rescue the data on it... :( That makes the Esf_Tournament Beta projekt Dead or stuned for a while. The...
  17. B


    Can some whan tel my what line 6 is al about.!!! i got problems to save it on BSP map or line 7 or 12 can some whan please help my:cry: i can't play my one maps
  18. S

    well i made......

    well i made a aura skin for esf... you can go check it out here and ill like your rateing on it btw its is my first one so dont be so harsh....
  19. SA_Gohan

    SSJ2 Gohan

    He's done. The model itself comes in at about . . . well, you don't really want to know. It's not quite done, I still need to do the hair, and it obviously needs to be skinned. Ne ways, byie
  20. I

    New site....plz comment on something....

    Ok its only the homepage so far and that is far from complete,but what i wanted a comment on was my graphic thingy to get around the site,as long as it does not suck I am happy.I am a bit of a newb at all this photoshop stuff so please dont flame me much :) cheers InQuisitor lol it might...
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