1. Ghost_Ryder

    Multiple Files Submissions from ESF-World

    MatiasGs Hud: Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/8192168/2d014d9c/MatiasG_MatiasGs_Hud.html SonGohans PowerKamehameha: Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/8192188/b3826012/SonGohans_PowerKamehameha.html Shield Sprites: Download...
  2. V


    When i create i game i see the error: Mod_NumForName: sprites/w_eclipse_bomb.srp not found anyone can givime the arquive ? thanks :)
  3. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Help with animating sprite (.spr) in Pawn language

    Hi everyone, This past weekend, I've been trying to code my first plugin in pawn. I have not been able to animate my sprite explode02.spr (from half-life sdk) no matter what I do and I'd like some help from those that know how. here's a code snippet: //Called whenever the PS...
  4. Z

    You know spr and tga editors?

    hii i have a problem i want create sprites and transparent sprites , 3d models , and vgui pictures... i know a 3d editor... milkshape... but i dont know a spr editor and a tga editor that works. if anybody knows if you can use all the frames of a skeleton to another model in the milkshape...
  5. V

    I have a problem with a .spr

    So a made a new sprite for the gallit gun aura. When i use it in my own server it works fine... But when i go to other servers i see only 3 or 4 frames of it :( *It has about 20 frames... Dowes anybody knows what can i do to make it work ? Or at least can you tell me why dosn't it work ?
  6. lust

    Spr. in map

    when in my namek map, i put a spirit bomb to represent what goku did, but the point is, it wont show up -_- i could see the mdls, but not the .spr -_- any one know why ;O
  7. PiXel


    interested? :] EDIT:----- sry forgot there i wa son the model section! please move to the right section! plz
  8. X

    How do you save something as spr?

    What program do ppl use to save the files as spr?
  9. S

    Aura sprite

    ok i need a aura.spr file cuz the one i got sucks and i THINK its the file that makes the aurora around the saiyans and such when the transform into ssj or whatever...some one please tell me if i am wrong or not and y was my other tread closed?
  10. S


    there done with the new tele port. spr!!!. just have to wait.. you dont see that glob of gray dots anymore!! you see your self. go to the esf web site and look.:shocked:
  11. Tassadar

    File Structure Setup (.spr)

    heres an idea: Make it so each model or charecter would have his own individual sprites for transforming, charging or powerup. That way maybe you could have Goku's Kaioken (red aura) while having it so Vegeta's aura is still purplish/clear. I'm aware its like this for Cell and Buu, maybe think...
  12. M

    Teleport .spr file?

    What is teleports .spr file? I want to make a sprite that are blue streaks when you teleport instead of particles spreading apart. Please help me and if the file isn't grey and white i need help getting a host for pictures and the .spr file. Thank you.
  13. V


    year the attacks but he ask for bitmaps but where you can find the bitmapss??
  14. SSj Goten

    Help with kame sprtie

    Can Some one please tell me what the sprite is for the kame torpedoes please:confused:
  15. M

    whats an ace file?

    i downloaded a model for vegetto but its an ace file what is an ace file? where do u put the ace file? isnt it supposed to be a .spr or .mdl?
  16. AscensionX

    I have created a SSj (2) lightning aura

    Okay, i have opened and used the original aura file, and then created some new faces with lightning skinned onto them. I have then animated them to move around the model each frame. I need help 1) compiling the model 2) possible coding problems. (ie, each char determines whether or not it uses...
  17. Vengaurd

    beam size

    is there a way to modify the size of any given beam? i tried editing the sprite but it did nothing for me... oohhh.... that makes me think of an idea...how bout this: remove the ki restrictions on beams so that you dont automaticly fire them, they just keep getting stronger. thats how it...
  18. Vengaurd

    New Kame ha me ha

    I didnt really have a problem with the old kamehameha, but this one is more animate. the light is a modified melee flash, props to its creater allright my file server sucks so youll just have to go the site and click preview if you want a picture....;( you can download it here give me...
  19. -Dark Shadow-


    i know this ain't much models/skins but how do i save a file as a spr??