1. KidMan

    Saw Kingdom of Heaven *spoliers*

    Saw the movie on mothers day(mom's choice) and it was freaking cool. Orlando Bloom did a good job, he didn't talk much. He was the strong silent type who said all the meaningful crap. The battle scenes were awesome but I have to say, the used fake blood and CG blood which sucks imo. In this...
  2. Morrone

    Revolutions Kicked Ass - Critics On Drugs(Lots of Spoliers)

    I saw the Matrix Revolutions today and it was awesome. Critics are saying it had a bad plot and crummy acting are a bunch of morons. I guess they simply can't comprehend the movie at all. The ending was really good and made a good close to the series. Don't post spoilers in here just reviews...
  3. U

    Xenosaga (No Spoliers!)

    Yeah I kow it came out a while ago but I am playing it now. This game ROCKS I just entered (the song of... well you know) I am level 27 and these guys are tough. Anyone else think so?