1. L

    Speed of the Charakters. There`s a Problem

    I don`t know how it is in the new version of ESF, but in the Alpha 2.0 version, there are the charakters very slow, like Gohan and Krillin. You could, no you must make all Charakters quicklier. Ok, Gohan and Krillin are slower than the others but, so slow like in the ALpha 2.0 version, is not...
  2. DJ-Ready

    new maps over and over again...

    Once again a new map made by me... esf_s2k_djready_kamehouse_alpha..... it plays on the island from muten roshi / kame screenshots: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so, check out the shots and download it!
  3. P

    Suggestion.....more Speed To The Game

    CAN I SUGGEST -TO MAKE THE GAME A BIT FASTER(ONLY A BIT BUT NOTICABLE) eg. faster movement faster projectiles and stuff I SAW this "bid for power" for quake 3 and the gamepley is pure speed. im requesting te make esforces to have an equal speed like this game..... It least on...
  4. V

    Bandwidth Increase + Speed

    As you may notice, i have just added some extra bandwidth (~1Gbps) to the ESF server. Should speed the forums up a tad ;)
  5. Lt.Zack

    LAGG and speed isues

    I have an question how do I make it that I dont have soo much lagg I play online even by my self and it goes slow as hell and I have an cable modem it shouldnt be soo slow I swiched to the OpenGL but once I did the game is slow as hell is there and video option I need to change of do I need an...
  6. G

    Gohan and Krillins Speed!

    Have you noticed that Gohan and Krillin are the slowest people in the game! I think that since they are smaller they should be faster. Also in the show Gohan is faster than most of the characters.