1. Kaination

    Grav Gun Spawning

    I was wondering, how do you get to the beginning with the Zero-Point Gravity gun (the blue one). I already got to the part where i change the map to where you get it, but i wanna get to the part kind of like you can trash can that one guy into the trash can :\. Anybody know what im talking about?
  2. S

    admin/meta mod entities spawning

    i searched the forum and havent found anything. i have the latest admin mod and i meta mod...(i think there are different...right?) anyways, i want to spawn stuff into my server (listenserver) while in the server. i went to the admin mod manual but it doesnt help me. i wanna spawn all sort of...
  3. M

    Spawning off the ground

    How come whenever I make a map people cant walk directly on the ground? They are always stuck a few feet off the ground walking on air. And if i move the playerstart any lower everyone starts in the ground and cant move. wra:\