1. G

    Sparticus Sig Req

    well.. it's been a while and i just got a sig request ( thanks :) ) so i made him a sig. c&c welcome *edit* ah.. dont tell me the redish glow on the right side of the sig is wrong hehe... just noticed that. trying to fix that now
  2. Rayna

    New Sig & ava for Sparticus.

    Well I decided to go for simpleness in this one. I know you actually wanted Akuma and Marik, but I thought they just don't fit in the same picture @[email protected] Also I have issues finding good quality picx of Marik >_> But anyways, if ya really want them both I'll do it ^^' And if you don't like it at...
  3. Rayna

    Sig for Sparticus

    Another sig request, this one for Sparticus. C&C welcome.