1. M

    My New Soundpacks

    Heyzz People I made some new soundpacks , one is for that Mr Satan model thats out there and i made a new Gohan soundpack well tell me what you guys think of them btw there from Budokai II Soundpack Mr Satan Son-Gohan
  2. C


    does anyone know where i can find a super and kid buu soundpacks??plz send me the link or tell me where i could get it..i would reallly apprectiate it..
  3. Super Veggeto

    i want to make soundpacks too...

    i need to know what programs should i use if i want to rip the audio form an episode and the edit it... just say the name... thanks...
  4. T


    Whoever makes soundpacks please make me a Goten Soundpack :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. MysticVegeta

    New soundpacks

    I made some new soundpacks - Andriod 17 - Brolly - Frieza Form 3 - Vegatrunks SHall i release them????????
  6. I

    I will make soundpacks FOR U!!

    Hi peeps (people's), I am going to make soundpacks at request just 1 BUT: Only DBZ char soundpacks! btw> if anyone would like to team up with me plz PM me :P Peace, Mystic *edit* Reply in this thread to make a request OR PM me :P
  7. Stanz

    model command

    I expect most of you knew this but you dont actualy have to replace the models when in game you can just open up the console and type model name only seems to work when your hosting however but with custom models im not sure, Also sometimes it dosnt change you have to do model anything but...
  8. Z

    New Soundpack

    hey guys im going to make a Soundpack, yet I need the program to do it. What is the program, any one know where, I can download/buy it? thanks
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