1. C

    NOT Sure of sometin

    IN version 1.2.3 can u go beyond super sayain and if u can wat r the power levels needed for goku or gohan and also when i am super sayian my cf bar wont go up why is that?
  2. Hyper Chi Aura

    Good reflexes or am i doin sometin wrong?

    Okay it might be just my skill level, but when I fight some people and they are using basic melee, they can hit u and sned u flyin and do it again conesctutively. Yeh thats easy, but when they start teleportin and they know exactly where u are. How can they teleport to a new spot and come at...
  3. USSJ3-Vegeta

    Reskin of AZN's Majin Vegeta!

    Ok this is my first time doing this so dont go flamming me or dissing on was 5-10 min job because i wanted to test it only things i did was add some nonrealistic blood ;/ some weird looking dirt stuff and a couple of rips in clothes...but next time i will spend more time...