1. VivaLaPineapple

    up and coming

    well i recently started getting into 3d so i just wanted to see what u guys thought of my second model. its not finished, i created this all from one box and since im not comfortable enough with 3d studio max it probabily wont be used for anything except eye candy. anyways what u think? and...
  2. -Dark Shadow-

    Can someone tell me something

    is 3ds max 5 easier to use than 3ds max 3?
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    newest wallpaper

    went for somethin a little different. crits/comments r welcome
  4. V

    i need an adult gohan soundpack

    i need an adult gohan sound pack:cry: :cry: :cry: post it here please:cry: :cry:
  5. X

    Somethin' I pulled off on Windows Paint!

    Well it doesn't look all that. And im not done with it yet. I need to add strings around her. I made it better than this in real life. I added her name on her sleeve. And the part that say "Im no longer afraid of fallin in love" is well. Kinda complicated to explain. Just think of her as...
  6. Bryggz

    Sig request

    Hey guys im not so blessed with photoshop or paintshop pro so i was wondering if someone cool make me a cool sig, doesnt need to be anything in particular, just somethin cool, i mostly post in the modeling section (being a modeler) so most of you prolly dont recognize my name much....but if...
  7. Cheeseman

    Hmmm i knew i was missin somethin

    Im back. and so it begins............................................ :]
  8. R@!D3R

    My Art skills

    God damn.... I've lost the photoshop lovin' I can't do anything I like in it anymore... It's pissing me off, I have no idea's and the stuff I like I couldn't do even if I practiced at it... Any other artists go threw this stage...? I mean I wanna do some nice art but I can't. I have some...
  9. K

    Useless your sig...and showin it off too

    Critz? Anyone like?
  10. C

    broli sig

    Can someone make me a sig of broli? i'd like one where he's like standing up strate and like you scroll down and you see krillin.....who only come's up to his boot.... :devgrin:
  11. Q

    New Sig......

    How does this look? should I use it as my new sig? comments and crits please
  12. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Q3 model

    ok i know this isnt, dbz but dont flame me for it, ill get back to working on dbz after i finish this. Just wondered what you thought of it, C&C welcome :) and another (ps its just over 1900 polys)
  13. J

    Cant find a modeleditor ! plz help !

    I cant find a modeleditor i cant find it wher ever i look after i :cry: PLZ HELP ME !! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  14. fatmanterror

    A lil somethin i whipped up

    well this is my latest venture, ssj4 gogeta, i planned to be doing this in 3d max, but my copy is messed up some how;( so i took what i learned about box modeling, and used it in milkshape, this is about 30 minutes into it, i have the head done and of course im gonna add a tail, but ill show...
  15. [SAS]Orion

    Oh look I drew something

    I'm not a good artist, but still o_O How bad is it?
  16. L33T ha4or

    somethin wierd

    last night when i was playin i seemed to be gaining pl faster by dying than by killing people, my PL was around 100 million and id kill several people with higher PL's and i would only gain a minor about of power but if i died i would gain between 2 up to about 7 million PL. Is that suppost to...
  17. S

    Somethin odd.

    Well when I make a server(non-dedicated, well thier always but this works on every server) and I have to leave my computer for a couple of minutes. I switch teams to spectator, when I do there is still a body that I can play with and die with, it acts like theres 3 teams Good/Evil/Spectator. I...
  18. S

    Shadow ace's art gallery

    I'd like you all to judge my artwork, i'd like you to name me your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite sigs. Also if you have any sig requests please send them or pm them here. thanks, and please, my threads on this topic always end up with 100's of views but no posts...
  19. S

    mapper seaking job?

    Hey is there like a team of mapping i could try out for? or something
  20. GhostfaceKillah

    Adobe Photoshop 5.0LE help!!

    hey, im kinda new to sig makin and i was readin some tutorials on how to make custom patterns and whatnot. it says u hafta got to Edit>Define Pattern, but in my version of photoshop, it doesnt have anything about patterns, i tried searchin the help about custom patterns but i cudent find...