1. MrPlow

    Help an idiot solve simple math problems

    A small brick of text. If you don't wanna read just look at the bottom of the post there is the question. Well there is this "new" thing my beloved country of Croatia came up with for students who finished high school and want to go to college called "State matura" which is basically a series...
  2. Goten-son

    Tip To help solve almost every problem...

    Well if you just recently got a problem from esf after having and playing it for a while heres the best advice. You can spends minutes/hours/days trying to fix it or take 30 minutes and just reinstall it lol
  3. darknavigator

    How to solve Trans Killing problem (not invulnerability)

    Well Ive been looking at some posts and I notice most people dont like trans killing. I suggest that the first 5 (2-3?) seconds of transforming, you are completely vulnerable to anything, and AFTER the 5 seconds, you can finish transforming with invulnerability. Any thoughts?
  4. R

    How to solve STEAM problem??

    Is there a way to play esf through STEAM????
  5. Mr. Buu

    May be need a both computer and ESF Expert to solve my problem....

    I installed Roger Wilco as I wanna try in ESF and see if it works...ESF does detected Roger Wilco but I can speak through the mic or recieve voice has a error msg like this in the console everytime I start a server:" Unable to initialize DirectSoundCapture. Trying wavein.MMSYSTEM004...
  6. S

    How To Solve Problem!!!!!!

    Could someone help me ? I have a very weird problem and its a damn shame to! As soon as I push the transform button I will transform and all but I can't here a transformation sound from any character. And the same goes for the charge button (restore your power button). The console does...
  7. G

    Solve this riddle.