1. sub

    The second most badass soldier who ever lived The first being Zeonix, of course.
  2. M

    Meet the Soldier and Engineer

    Meet the Soldier and Meet the Engineer These videos are just getting better and better.
  3. ShadyD wait, Soldier.. No wait..uhhhh

    Meh its a sunday morning.. so i decided to make this.. now what should i make of it!?!
  4. PiXel


    Aim: get over 5 k now atm 2,5k
  5. PiXel


    ouw yeh, how long has it been as i started a thread in the model/skin section? gues to long, although here is my newest wip: Im working on this self drawn ref: ( those lines are not self drawn cuz i wanted to keep it simpel) Polylimit is to get it over 5 k. Please leave your...
  6. R


    -some iraqi soldier type person. -made hips smaller after render was made. -gonna take a break from modeling, cos its getting on my nerves. -enjoy
  7. owa

    The dog Soldier - lyrics

    <b>Intro:</b> We ran like dogs. There rifles took us to the brink of death. We were cut down, and left to die. <b>Verse 1:</b> Screaming soldiers, yelling comrades, beaten friends, the time has come to meet our maker. <b>pre-chorus:</b> Flashing rounds, with bursts of screams. We...
  8. T

    GSG9 Soldier Wip

    Some idiot told me to prove I can model/skin. So here. 50 minutes of work: Sorry for bad picture, 3dsm is crashing, ill post a better render later. 400 polys in all. Finished, it should be about 900 polys, this is a low poly model. Woops, spelt Soldier wrong in topic, can a...
  9. U

    The story of a soldier...

    !!!! omg @ esf 1.2!!!! I was 350-29 in a 1v3, Frieza Form2 vs Goku, Trunks, Buu!!! I felt as if I were an unstoppable juggernaught!! But damned those saiyans... when Goku and trunks got to ssj i was getting it handed to me... But being the sly devil that I am i tricked Buu into thinking...
  10. Logan4434

    Arctic soldier

    well i havent shown you guys anything in a while,i wont show my major models....yet,but heres and edit i did.i made this from other models and did a little skinning but other wise i thinks its kewl.i finished a Counter-strike version, now i have to convert it to TS for you guys and...
  11. V

    A wee something for the BGmod

    Well, the artwork at the BGmod was suffering extensively, so they asked me to do a few skins for them. This is w.i.p progression of images for a sniper soldier I did for them the other day: I used a grey scale and soft light coloring technique for this character. I drew the face...