1. macdaddymario

    Sniper Elite V2

    Just saw a trailer and a video of someone playing the demo for this. Was a big fan of the first one back in 05' and it looks like they really took a big step up with this one. Trailer: Demo: and a 'Q&A' video...
  2. ciarkol

    Team Fortress 2 :: Sniper Update

    Check this out : Day 1 ::
  3. -Blaze-

    Dark Sniper - SSJ2 Gohan.smd

    Can someone give me a link to DS's ssj2 gohan.smd :p that he released, he did that gohan long ago. Or if someone has it animated and skined, could someone give it to me? ;/
  4. Valeska

    Sniper Wolf/Valenza Signature

    Well you might noticed already, but i made a new signature of sniper wolf from metal gear solid.
  5. X

    Sniper Wolf - Twin Snakes

    I just went by my friends house so he could show me all the new scenes and things added to the game (some of the voice actings and player interactions looked lame around the beginning, for example the scene when Meryl shoots all 3 of the soldiers that come around the second time, she screams...