1. Snowm@n

    I want more smilies.

    Well....I do, please Sky can you insert more smilies? I think we should have more, dont you agree?
  2. Skyrider

    New Smilies! ^_^

    Tired of the old ones? Here are new fancy ones! We (DJ-Ready & Me) thought it would be time for some new fancy ones: :) :devsmile: ;D :love: :devgrin: :] :cry: :warning: :p :\ :tired: :idea: :cool: :brokenheart: :shocked: :laff: :fight: :rolleyes: :scared: :D :yes: :S ;( :notice: :lock: ^_^...
  3. G


    the smilies will be fixed later today. sorry for the long delays, but nobody had previously brought it to my attention.
  4. .FM.

    (yoda) JBoskma

    hi i would like to make a request. JBoskma you are the best modeler in the world!! ok i would like you to make a yoda model for star wars jedi knigt 2 plz plz plz cuz your the kewlest - thx in advance :yes: