1. Skyrider

    Zolid 66in1 Card Reader - Smart card drivers not found

    Today I bought a Zolid 66in1 Card Reader. But when I put in a SIM card, it can't find the "Smart Card" drivers.. I've fully installed the other drivers with the CD that came with it. I've already googled, but I can't find anything helpful...
  2. Viper

    Gotta love these smart cops...
  3. clen

    Nintendo Being smart?

    Don't want to order through the internet? Then walk in and buy your component cables at a store near you. Source
  4. T

    Please help ifyour smart

    I got some spyware the other day so i used my spywarekiller and got rid of of the spy ware but in start up it says RUNDLL32 and not explorer theres no explorer any more in start up Please if you can help many thanks if not give me web sites that can help or chat rooms.
  5. suicidal_maniac


    Crits on teh new siggyness.
  6. suicidal_maniac


    I gots teh new siggyness. So how j00 like teh FFX2 pwnage?
  7. suicidal_maniac


    :o I made teh siggyness. Well tell me how well you like it. And GFK you can be mean to me :P
  8. I

    Know it aint smart but still: the way melee should be!

    Anyone remember the game ONI?? THATS the way melee shoudl be! (press melee button (u enter melee mode) then the way in wich ONI was made with tha melee thing!))
  9. Es_Trunks2

    Es_Trunks2's Pencil Anime

    I'll post all of my anime here so i dont have to make alot of threads, heres something i did at 5 am. not very good but i tried, goku based image, think of the expression as an "Oh Crap" moment **EDIT** I removed this image because it sucked too bad...go down for better drawings**EDIT**
  10. T

    Goku And GT. Saiyaman (pencil art)

    nuff said...
  11. S

    Hey i Need THE roiginal ssj goku

    hey does anyone have a site or can they send me the original ssjgoku model i accidently deleted ine..i dont really wanna reinstall either. I found out that the original is the best goku out there
  12. suicidal_maniac


    Its been awhile, but heres my newest sig. As always i only used PhotoImpact for it. Crits and the like would be much appreciated.
  13. D.C. Darkling

    Need help with blending

    Hya all, As you all know I can animate good enought to do various things. (hell.. I did my entire model lol) But I still can't grasp the function "blends" I know its something like merging 2 .smd's in one anim but I still don't get it. If anyone can pls explain what this, how it...
  14. Ultra33Gokussj3


    You just didnt see version 2!:scared:
  15. Z

    wod recutements

    hy i looking for poeple who can help wariors of destiny . modlers * mappers * anny one who can do anny thing for a q3 stand alone and betta testers * = or poeple who have models/maps they want to give to the game (wil ofcourse get credits) i would like to bid the moderators to...
  16. suicidal_maniac


    Well here is a new sig. Im also going to keep this as my sig thread. Well here it is. Critz would be appreciated.
  17. S

    SIg~ rate Plz

    This is mA third n Prob my best sig yet. wat chuZ think?? o_o o_o
  18. M

    newest computer in the world: the smart pc!

    if you want to know more about this c00l computer check it out CLICK ME AND SEE THE NEWEST COMPUTER!!!
  19. G

    Does anyone have a ssj3 Goku Skin?

    Don't tell me to go to, because Ive been there and when i downloaded it, it was a goku skin along with the other 5 i downloaded. anyone else have a ssj3 goku skin?
  20. E

    more maps are on the way

    just to give all you mappers a lil update out there. Zero and I are working on our own maps for some new game ideas. such as cap the dragon ball. One I have been working on is a rampage map. the evil team goes into a city and starts destroying everthing including people which i hope we can...
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