1. M

    wip brolly

    hmm im geting lil frustrated about non ssj brolly but heres ssj .. give me crits cuz i dunno wuts rong with this.. ppl at dmz just suck up i hate that ****
  2. Hash

    New Sig. Hulk Hogan Anyone?

    What are ya gonna do? When the Hulkamaniacs, run wild, on you? What do you think of my new sig? Any ways I could improve on it?
  3. owa

    Ahh Help!!

    Hey, I'm trying to make a sig like Phobius's like how his is like cut in parts so oyu can see through it. I wanna make osmthing liek taht and I'm useing Photoshop 7. Please help! I'd really appreciate it!
  4. Megasaxon

    Speaking of wallpapers....

    i've done a new one, so, if you feel like checking it out, head on over to and yeah :), comments welcome Update: Whoops, my bad, added an extra forwardslash for no reason :o (link works now)
  5. Naz

    a new sig, anyone likes it?

    hiya I made a new sig, and I'm pretty proud of it, it's not perfected yet, but it's only the first version so... any c&c, complaints, additions, suggestions, are very welcome cyaz Nes
  6. S

    why me!?!

    hi guys why my if i made a map and save it and try to run it it sais: CAN'T OPEN <map name> .p0 or something plz help me with it otherwise i never can map AGAIN!!!!:cry: :cry:
  7. Majin Vegeta 05

    how big

    how big are the new maps?
  8. .FM.

    (yoda) JBoskma

    hi i would like to make a request. JBoskma you are the best modeler in the world!! ok i would like you to make a yoda model for star wars jedi knigt 2 plz plz plz cuz your the kewlest - thx in advance :yes:
  9. A

    which one?

    .... which sig u like better... the one I got right now... or this one
  10. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Modeler/skinner/mapper needed

    Hey guys , the -=SSJ-Project=- is searching some modeler/skinner/mapper and maybe a 2d artist for making some pics ! We have made some SSJ8´s and We wanne make everyone like "Bebi" (u know Bebi-Vegeta) but we need modeler and skinner for that, now we just have one guy for that , so if u r...
  11. D

    My krilin skin!

    Hi, I'm not new here or anything..... I've been with the oldest of the team. Before they were even esforces, they were power-up. Well anyhow wanted to know if anyone could give me lesson or 2 on how to do the clothing.... and yes i know about . This is what i've done...
  12. E

    Chibi Trunks (WIP)

    Here: tell me what u think so far yes i know the feet are diff colours LOL.....ill sort that out later as its not a proper skin, just coloured teh polygons
  13. S

    Piccolo wip

    awesome model i hope a talented skinner will skin it.. and i want ti for mah site lol...
  14. R

    Trunks ssjhead!!!!!!

    hi new head gimme some feedback
  15. L

    Anyone want this Serial Experiment Lain sig?

    I was workingo nt he real flames tutorial and liked the final product so much that i decided to just play with it alittle. i used some serial experiment lain pics in it and it actually turned out nicly witht he exception of the font. if anyone wants it. just tell me if yo want your name on it or...
  16. Hibiki


    i need this one dbz of ssj gogeta, ssj3 gotenks, piccolo, and gohan.. i have it as a wall scroll and i need a smaller copy to do this one drawing i want to do...
  17. SA_Gohan

    Chibi Trunks

    Hey all! Here's a picture of my latest model. It's Chibi trunks. What do you think?
  18. A


    Hey, where can i find a pikkon avatar.