1. Chakra-X

    One Connection Slower than the Other

    I recently got my dad's Dell Inspion 5150 as USB N wireless adapter. While it is faster than before, it is not as fast as 3 other wireless connections. We all use a router, and while the other 3 are much newer than his Dell, I was curious to whether it was possible to fix this? I did...
  2. Jonesdaniel

    ESF seems slower on steam for me...

    Well, i decided to check esf out on steam yesterday, joined a server ( or something like that) and noticed that my keys didn't seem to respond as fast as they did on won. I had good ping, nice fps but when i stopped swooping, i had to leave about a 1 second gap between ending the...
  3. DogLord

    Radu Lykan....DogLord....released!!

    Radu Lykan...DogLord *edit*released!!!! go to the downloads section and click radu lykan......*end of edit* heres a model i'm workin on......i used picolo for a base but i had to cut the arms off and a whole lot of other stuff...*edit* heres...
  4. Z

    piccolo % krillin

    are there any krillin or piccolo models out there?
  5. eminence

    Question about Sig Quality

    How are you people able to maintain such a high quality on your sigs? On the one I'm currently making, whenever I save it, and then open it again, there's weird dots everywhere and the picture isn't as good as it was before.. So how are you guys able to maintain such high quality? BTW, I'm...