1. X

    Guilty Gear XX #Reload Slash

    Alright, since im bored, I figure I try to bring all the news from my forum over to here to get a convo (that interests me) going :tired: For those of you that dont understand the Tekken/GGXX Terminology: 789 456 123 It reprisents a direction in your control pad/joystick (look at the...
  2. ~Dark Trunks~

    Adv melee and burning slash attack

    ok now since trunks doesnt use his sword much in 1.2 i was figuring makein his sword a big assest for him 1.3. so my ideas were... 1) wen u go into adv melee wit trunks instead of punching u use ur sword and start cuttin them up and if they block the player would dodge em all. this would be a...
  3. jp

    Trunks slash atack

    I an other topic, they were saying that trunks has a disadvantage. And i sugested the slash atack. But people keep saying that the sword gibs, wel i've never seen the sword gib. So made up the slash atack, it is like this: You select your sword, and you charge it like a beam. You...