1. sub

    Avatar Sizes

    If Dam gets an avatar thats 9 billion pixels wide by 9 billion pixels long, I think the rest of us should have that option too. Seriously, we get 80 x 80.
  2. Arsenovicius

    Avatars sizes

    Oh well this could also be at suggestions. Anyway. I'm trying the hell of a time to make upload a costom avatar..and i still can't make it under 10 kbs ! I mean in every forum i've been there wasn't such a smal size. Even if i upload it somewere it says some craps about size.. I think that...
  3. H

    need help with map sizes

    im still pretty new to mapping, and i acnt seem to get my map to be the right size for what im trying to do. and i was wondering if the size of the "info_player_start" entities were relevent to the size of the character in game. becuase i made a house and made it have some breakables and a door...
  4. Devion

    ESF models and there scale

    Well I noticed something about the models when I was playing with Sin Goku USSJ Vegeta. Well I was fighting cell(bot) and I saw that Semi-Perfect Cell is smaller then Vegeta.(Ussj) Well I thought thats because of the ussj model. But when I deascend the model(compare with non-ssj Vegeta)...
  5. (V)ajinVegeta

    What the Difference?

    Between an indy, bryce, wallpaper ect? they all look the same except the sizes r a little different.
  6. TwisteR

    Hit Box Sizes

    are the hit boxes going to be reduced in size? i noticed that they are really big. and when you're in a block struggle, the beam is sometimes off to the side but you're struggling with it. i think that they should be a little smaller.
  7. G

    cheap sig

    wooooo i cut em out myself fromt the game ... lol what u think ? easie cheap but i liked it ... :rolleyes:
  8. Styles

    The new Fgd

    I was just wondering if u guys could give us the fgd file so we can map as well because most mods i know of release the fgd much earlier than the mod.