1. T

    New Sigy

    just new...... lol
  2. Suh Dude

    Pretyy sigy :P

    Well, i couldn't find meh tenten pics so... i have sukura
  3. W

    1st Sigy

    Got bored so yeah i tried with Paint Shop Pro 5 very simple just slapped it together
  4. AnThEm

    Sigy Request

    I was wondering if somone could make me a DBZ With broli and cell and my name somwhere with a lighting type backround if u can plz post it thanks (Also put made by you'r name somwhere visible on it) -AnThEm
  5. S

    Sigy yAy

    ok heres my sig critz?
  6. Vegito1180

    New Sigy

  7. M

    sigy's i made

    so these sigs are for sale in RS but no one wants to buy them are they so bad? Eagelking i know what ur going too say so don't say anything advice needed plz what do i have to change? you can see them on this site
  8. Vegito1180

    New Sigy

    What do u guys think of my new sig?critz
  9. Vegito1180

    Sigy Crits

    What do u think of my new sig?
  10. Vegito1180


    What Do You Think Of My New Sig?