1. X

    Signatures Galore! Part 1

    Feel free to use any of them for signatures. I will be making better versions in the future. Look at Signatures Galore! Part 2 for the rest.
  2. M

    html in signatures.

    It's getting really annoying having my font turn super small and blue just because some people decide not to close the html in their sig. Maybe you could just make a vB code for center and flash and stuff? Edit: And if you wanted the stats on the side like it was before the Gamma release...
  3. K

    i need help with signatures!

    i want to know how to make a good sig. i have seen so many awsome sigs like this one for example: <p><img src=""> <p>i love the effects in that sig and i also want to know what program most of you sig makers use. <p>i got some good...
  4. Halorin


    Stop stealing my ideas. I sincerely hope I'm not some sort of 'trendsetter' to these forums. I don't go around copying your Naruto avatars and sigs, so don't copy my big italicized words.
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    my new super awsome signatures

    BLAM!!!! how ya like those pieces of eye candy. these thigns took my a whole 2 and a half seconds eah but i think they get my point across.
  6. R

    Request: Fonts & DBZ Pictures : For Signatures

    Hi, I am just wondering how much help I can get, regarding fonts and nice Dragon Ball z Pictures so I can use them for my signature. Right now it looks ok but I want too make it better with nicer pictures of Goku and Vegeta as well some nice font. The reason I need your help because you guys...
  7. {SSJ}Master

    Indicent signatures on display!!!!!!!!

    Erm i revently had my (indecent) sig removed for a good reason, but here i created to thread JUST to test whether this sig i use is decent enough to be used online,. Look, there is is, below you! It that fine?
  8. U

    Fusion bebi

    well this the evil fusion of all time :devgrin: [IMG] *Pic Removed* -grOOvy * Link pwned by Magus for not getting permission*
  9. 1_heart_boobies


    how do you guys make those cool signatures? i especially like groovy's signature with the girls on it. do you guys use photoshop? i gotta learnt how to do those things
  10. I

    making signatures

    can someone teach me how a good signatures? my eMail: [email protected]
  11. T

    Making Signatures on PSP

    N e one got ne good tips. I need help the best Sig i got is the one im using LOL!!!!!!
  12. MinesSkylineR34

    fonts in signatures

    what's a good way to put my username in my signature?
  13. Mastasurf

    All SIGNATURES go here

    If you have a new signature to show off, or a request for one it should go here.
  14. S

    Now You Can Post Images From Free Hosting Services!

    As you all probably know, most free internet providers no longer provide remote picture linking. Well now you can link from all of them! Just put in front of your existing url to make it work. For example, if I want to post the picture...
  15. S

    Accessing profile and putting up signatures

    I apologize for asking this question but I cannot seem to find the area where I can upload/add a sig. to posts or edit my profile...
  16. K

    hey spin sig manager

    hey dood can u make me a bebi vegeta sig with 2 different forms on each side and make ssj4 goku in the middle power in up and if possible in the back of goku make it kind of ghostish lettering put either Kai-TekDroid1.0 or Kai-TekDroid2.0 thx can u also host them for me