1. Rayna


    Well my two last siggs: So C&C. I'd also like to hear which you like better. Ill probbly be posting more as i do them.
  2. D

    Newest siggers

    Well, before I start, I must say, this is THE HARDEST picture I've ever tried to cut, I mean it too. Back to business, you'll notice the cutting is bad on the fingers and the gun on the left side of the sig, and that's because, like I said, it was very hard to cut. Anyways, yes, it's a weird...
  3. tha ssj4goku

    Some new siggers, airbrushed

    This one has me first animation ^^ Greetz
  4. Amitron

    Me n' Kuwabaras New Siggers

    Ok now me and kuwabara just thought that we would make each other new sigs. Our theme was house pets...kinda a dumb theme but it turned out great! :yes: So just look at our sigs and tell us what you think. Critz are happily accepted.
  5. [SAS]Orion

    Oh look I drew something

    I'm not a good artist, but still o_O How bad is it?
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