1. wheres_

    New siggeh.

  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    New siggeh.

    No brushes, nothing in particular. Just some effects, color balance layer, and boobs. Rate plz.
  3. Jariroth

    Yay! New Siggeh, or something...

    Decided to keep it simple though, added some Tatami mats on the background(due the lack of innovation). And the text is so simple that i cant really call this sig done yet... Keen eye might notice that i didnt use a transparent on the back of the girl, i used this forums colours instead...
  4. Andy011

    Siggeh Request

    Ok, so here's the deal: It's pretty self-explanatory. A fire color would fade to the other fire color more or less where the lines are. And add a surface where they're standing if you're willing to do this. ;) Text: put Andy011 at upper-left corner and Mugen Player at lower right. :P...
  5. wheres_

    Wheres_ Zelda siggeh!

    c&c hoolious fraguion!
  6. NOTnamedTREVER

    Yup New Siggeh!

    You guys like it? Tell me if you do :D
  7. NOTnamedTREVER


    Can anyone please make me a sig with vegeta in it. (i dont know if i posted in right forum cuz im new) o_o
  8. Wangster

    new siggeh

    i made this sig with a tut of a friend of mine, his nick is Tomiro, im not sure if he is on esf forum to, but he is on most Naruto boards, mostly as gfx mods and such. anyways, here it is, full credit to him, gj m8.
  9. S

    animated siggeh

    .....must....annoy....56kers...... C&C?
  10. Enix

    Another siggeh :O~~~~

    Joo like? o_o
  11. |Overlord|

    hobo siggeh request

    can i request that some makes me a better siggeh other then this one that i just wipped together with google and paint. i also need some good hobo images if anyone could give me a link thanks in advance
  12. |Overlord|

    should i use this siggeh ?

    iv'e had this siggeh on my hdd for ages and ages , i designed it long ago , but i found it the other day while looking through uneeded stuff on my hdd so , do you think this is a better sig image , or does my current sig pwn anything i have done in terms of making a siggeh ?
  13. S

    new siggeh!

    check it out guys my new sig i made today and that dude is my creation ohh um crits welcome to O_O
  14. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Me wants a siggeh

    To anyone out there willing do a siggy for me, could you do a siggy with a pic of ssj3 goku on a firey background with reckoning of fire written somewhere on it? Thanks a bunch to anyone willing to do this :/
  15. Neon

    Siggeh ^^

    haven't made sigs in a while... but i decided to do em again ^^. C&C
  16. Diablos

    wewt diablos siggeh

    Didn't try very hard on this as its only a sig, but i likes the outcome. Used lines from a broly pic i did a while back and gave him a lil shading. Figured i'd post it and see what you all think. [/spam] :laff: Props to Angryblue for the brushes i used.
  17. Cenie

    new siggeh

    havent been on here for AGES i've had far too much work to play around, but anyway ive been asking myself that during my long absence has my artwork imporved? critz appricated- thanks
  18. R

    Tekken 5 siggeh please.

    Ok, reds browns and blacks (whatever works best with the stock) My name "Ruger" and "Deus Ex Machina" in their too. A matching Avy would be cool as well, below is a link to the only stock I can find of this guy, his name is Jinpachi, and he looks like a freakin beast...
  19. Mr. Phonso


    hey, this is my first photoshop works this is suposed to be space themed, if anyone could tell me how to make effects that show stars that would be great, remember im a newb so explain to me in detail XD edit: please move this into the sig forum, sorry :(
  20. V

    New Siggeh!

    Alright i got bored a while ago and started working on a new sig, so C&C are welcomed and it would be nice for people to actually respond for once....................anyways here it is
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