1. S

    Models shrunk.

    From what I remember, models from 1.0 to 1.1 were shrunk, but I never found out why.. From what I see, it messes up clipping and complicates maps. Was it to make the maps seem bigger?
  2. Loki

    Need Image shrunk and High Quality

    I need someone to shrink this image for me and have it look just about the same, whenever I try too it always gets too blurry for me. Plz someoen do this. *EDIT*- Shrink to 80x80 plz!!! Ahh thx Naz & Ghost
  3. Loki

    Need sumtin Shrunk

    I need this images size shrunk because I have no image editors currently. 100x100 plz someone do this for me!!!
  4. D

    Gohan new skin !!! <==

    Hi i made a new skin for Gohan this is it please give me a comments here can u download him.
  5. M

    Buu 'S'

    all by me except the kid buu who was made by insane jester and skinned by me (i made lower half of model)
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