1. G

    how to change my shenlong color?

    my shenlong appearing in this golden color has a file available for me to exchange it for the color green? obs:I downloaded version 1.2.3,pacth evolutionx and evolutionx.1 and esfmodelpack
  2. VeTaNaToR

    Powers unleashed red Shenlong

    wel im modeling for Powers unleashed now and since the new site aint ready at this point (but it will be soon) il post it here for critz, its still a very early beta cuz its needed right now but ill eventually improve it and make a version for the game that actually can open its mouth.
  3. Goten-son

    My shenlong reskin RELEASE

    hey hey, and here we go by popular demand (from IM's) my shenlong reskin release ^_^ CREDIT: ESF team for the model and skin ME for the edit of the original skin Heres the pic if you forgot what he looks like <img src=""> <a...
  4. Goten-son

    I reskinned shenlong

    yeay heres my skin EDIT lol i recolored him for the most part but as u can see i added a lil extra so heres the pic and im still unsure if i wanna release this or not (after i got permission of course from tweek for the model and whoever did the skin which i edited and if u know who did please...
  5. -=[EEF]=-Ghost


    I'm not sure if this has been answered before, so sorry if it has. Everytime i gather the dragon balls and call for shenlong, my game crashes. I also noticed that when i create a game one of the commands that are loading up says this: Cannot create entity: Shenlong Can any1 help?
  6. H


    I was looking at the shenlong.mdl with hlmv and i looked at the attacks and i seen lounge so dose that mean that the dragon can harm u :devgrin: ? or is it somthing that is going to be in 1.1
  7. D


    HI! Does anyone have the problem of when summoning shenlong the comsole comes up saying something about models/shenlong.mdl and does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  8. L

    shenlong bug.

    I noticed it today... when playing on some ones server i have no problem.. but when i host my own i can't summon shenglong: 1. not all dragonballs can be found 2. when i have all i press the summon button (standaart = 'b') and my server crashes. i noticed some thing.. when i make a server...
  9. S

    Model Request!!!

    hi all i know i´ve ask this before but no1 awnsered me. my request is of some1 can make a Gundam Suit like : WING, WING ZERO, HEAVYARMS,SHENLONG,DEATHSCYTE or SANDROCK plz awnser me this time c ya all
  10. [MOD]Vegito

    Help!!!! shenlong problem

    every time on my own server wher some one goes to make their wish the server crashes and says to me "Host Error:PF_precache_:'Models/shenlong.mdl precache can only be done in spawn function. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  11. V3g3t@


    the saviour of strenght shenlong is cool look for your self
  12. M

    The dragonballs and shenlong

    In CTDB much dragonballs i need to call shenlong and how i call him...... plz help......
  13. B


    Hey, and friend and me dled some lvl's and models and stuff for esf but then wenn we wanted to call on shenlong the game goes to console and u get some kind of shenlong error............ any idea what happend post 'em
  14. Cold Steel

    Request for the namek dragon.

    Usually i don't make requests but since i'm not a modeler I would like to see the namek dragon ,does anyone volunteer(prolly not spelled correct).The namek dragon is a lot cooler then shenlong.
  15. 2

    Arise Shenlong >Large Dragon Pics<

    Note: For all you reader-of-this-post, this is posted for the intent to enlighten and humour those who have not yet seen, or awoken the dragon. If you have a problem with this post, consider a few things: 1. It's in Off-Topic, so really by coming into this forum you take responsibility to...
  16. Cold Steel


    I just read something about shenlong that it was impossible to make him come out of the dragonballs and grow like sh*t.Well how about making a flattened drawing that is seen by everybody in the perspective.This way you could make him grow gigantic and it wouldn't lag or reduce the performance of...
  17. A

    Question On Shenlong

    can you stand on him, that would be so sweet. I would like summon him and ride him.:p
  18. S

    Shenlong idea

    I have an (kinda good) idea for shenlong. When your team captures the dragonballs and sumons shenlong there can be options or wishes like I don't know if you push one your teams ki raises, 2 your teams health goes to full, etc., etc. Yes I know its stupid but I did't say it would be good :rolleyes: