1. M

    Close Your Eyes! Sharingan!

    Newest sig, it isnt nothing special, but the effects on the sig maybey make it abit cooler. Rate 1-10 C&C are welcome... :))
  2. S

    Sharingan Avatar

    Made this avatar for a friend of mine =P All made in PS
  3. D

    [Manga][Possible Spoilers!] The Truth behind Kakashi's Sharingan

    They finally revealed it, how Kakashi acquired his Sharingan. I already suspected it ever since the discussions on how Kakashi got his Sharingan, but I am quite statisfied with the way he gets his Sharingan, it was a sad moment though :( Kakashi Gaiden was an excellent filler, but I am...
  4. crazykorean10

    New Sharingan

    Well i made new one More quality :] but the prob is my imageshack is like messed up i cant go there i was wondering if anyone could show me other posting site?
  5. P


    i was just wondering... Susake has 2 of those black dots in his Sharingan but Kakashi has 3 is it bout the level of which they use it or just unconsistant artwork... tell me if im wrong i dont have any eps to refer to.. lost em all
  6. Enix

    Kakashi's Sharingan

    Hehe, i really wanted to make some more naruto stuff but i wanted to try realism for a min, so i said why not kakashi's sharingan. Its all made from scratch, And feel free to use it if you want just give creditz:D
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