1. RobiZ

    I need help with shaders.

    So basically i want to modify a vertex shader. Now I can paint texture on a model by vertexes and RGBA technique , and tile each texture how i want. But now i want to modify the vertex shader , so when I'm moving towards or away from the model , the tiling decreases or increases. If anyone...
  2. Nemix

    NNK CG Shaders > ESF 1.2.3

    Is it possible to add the CG Shaders that NNK uses into ESF 1.2.3? The outline, shadows, etc I tried copying the cgshaders folder and the .dll's from cl_dlls folder. But it's still not working. :( There is a CG Shader made by madabouthats It...
  3. Damaera

    Water Shaders

    <center><a href=""><img src=""></a> <hr><p>Good afternoon, everyone! For those that are interested in looking at the beauty of Earth's Special Forces 1.3, you've come to the...
  4. Damaera

    Bloom Shaders, New Modeler, Fan Submitted POTW's, Status Update

    Welcome Doormat. <3
  5. Damaera

    Update #1 - Water Shaders, HD Skyboxes, Forum Competition VII

    ESF :: Update #1 Hello, ESF fans! Welcome to our first update. Picture of the Week, Forum Competition VII, and ESF 1.3 Graphics will be discussed today. Please enjoy! Forum Competition VII Forum Competition VII is now live! This is a modeling competition. The contestants will be modeling...
  6. S

    Cell phone graphics with pixel shaders!

    Click here for more! Hm, seems a little overpowered for me. I don't really see how having pixel shaders in a phone will help with anything except maybe the interface, Doom 3 interfaces, anyone? :D.
  7. Kain

    SSj2 lightning aura

    is there a lightening aura out there for download?