1. sub

    Having sex with a chick who used to be a dude is apparently cool

    Here is the question: Is it okay for someone who has undergone surgery to change their sex to not inform their sexual partner that they've underwent this surgery? I got into an argument with a few people about this and I'd like to get some more opinions on the matter. I argued that it was...
  2. Deathshot

    Kratos' Sex Therapy Oh man this is pretty hilarious to me... Just had to show it to you guys... AOTS makes me laugh so much.... Only good show on G4 anymore other then cops.
  3. The Deco

    Young people who drink alot tend to have more sex WHERE IS MY 12 [email protected]?!#?!?! Discuss
  4. Jarek Bachanek

    Lady Turns Robber into Sex Slave, Rapes Him for Days AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Point of it, don't steal unless you want free sex :P Discuss.
  5. Eon

    Being kidnapped is a great time for sex?

    If there are any goons on this forum, you've probably read this at SA, but hey, for those who haven't, enjoy. Article:
  6. I

    Is sex really important in a relationship?

    - Heh, Yup....... :rolleyes:
  7. owa

    Sex Question.

    I have been banned from the other forum I use, and out of the three that I'm not banned on, this is the only place were you can get atleast some normal answers, so excuse the fact this is on a gaming forum. myg0t, and Toolshed aren't helpful forums. Anyway, I'll try not to be too vulgar with...
  8. Optimus Prime

    Happy Birthday [S]ex face o/

    Happy 17th buddddddddeh, almost old enough to hit the clubs with me =P.
  9. L

    LiveCam Sex Show!

    I'm a stupid little boy
  10. I

    SEX MAH!!!!

    mah new sig tankx to da supah dupah goten-sennin! him is teh great! critz if joo wanna but diz am teh finished siggeh fo me! he had me take pictahz to strut mah stuff! him am teh goodeh! It am in mah sig if joo wondewin where it is =O VOTE ME FOR GAVNAH!!!
  11. TeKNiK

    Untitled Bryce/photoshop Work..

    Well I decided to try some 3d abstract with Bryce and photoshop today and i came up with this: I am horrible with names and Font so I didnt even try either one. Critz/Comments ?
  12. darklord_avalon

    Videl again

    I havent hosted pic but I need to know where to get a basic female mesh but I am working on her be expecting an update later today.
  13. Marauder


    practicing brushing on a render i made, and it came out nice, so i added a old pic i dug up from one of my earlier wp's :D
  14. S


    Hi, its about 2 am right now, and I gotta get some sleep. Anyway, the original drawing was massacred during my CG, so im afraid I wont be getting to post that. Ive spent about 2 hours on it so far, and I am very far from completion, but I wanted to get some crits so far. C&C Welcome...
  15. Ryoko

    Catgirl Ryoko

    You heard me! Cg'ed and all! Comments always welcome. Same with critism's.
  16. Ryoko

    New Ryo wallpaper (tried a new style)

    Well. I must admit I did use my style a lot. I will probably continue to, but this is a little different. Not much mind, but a little. Tell me which you prefer (my old or this new) style and give me individual crits on this paper too please!
  17. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper advice

    what should i add in the bg?
  18. S

    Jedi Sex Outcast

    lol this was made by pcjoe. just posting it. :P