1. S

    No Servers or Responses.

    Ok lets get the basic info out of the way. I'm using Steam, i'm using 1.2.3, no add-on's, installed on Half-Life, i'm behind a router and a firewall, drivers are updated and i'm using full-screen. Ok now the problem. When I try and find servers I never find any. Also if I add servers to...
  2. LeeZarock

    Servers have disappeared from the Serverlist

    Hello ESF. I don't know if this is a my trouble, but a lot of servers are just disappear from the Server List. I'm an italian guy (and in Italy there are really bad connections in general. Mine particularly cause I live not very in a big city...) and I cannot play a lot of servers for high...
  3. L

    Getting game listed in serverlist

    Well title almost sais it all, i got my self a little server, but when i tried to test it people could only connect if i gave them the ip, otherwise they simply couldn't find the server. main port is on 27016 and i forwarded all needed ports, the computer which hosts connects to the net...
  4. Z


    hi, when i look in steam server list, i only see about 4/5 esf servers. i know that isnt treu!!.. so could someone give me a ****ing big list with more servers so i can add them to my friendslist?