1. mac1029

    seperate or fusion (Gotenks)

    well ive seen 2 topics and i think there should be a vote on whether he should be fused or not :laff:
  2. Shao

    Seperate sounds for different stages (normal vs. SSJ)

    Hi there! EVM has seperate sounds for different stages of your player, for example: when turning SSJ2, a special sound is dedicated to their transformation and a different sound is dedicated for their SSJ3 transformation. For ESF 1.3 (maybe), I was wondering if seperate sounds could be...
  3. -Origin

    New sig, seperate thread this time

    maybe people will comment now....
  4. DaKD

    SSJ Goku bdmg skin

    Well i decided to try my hand at skinning. I did not make this model or the original skin, as you can tell it was xpertly done by Mr. Smo himself. This is a skin edit I wont release without his permission either. Also I edited the mesh. Can i get some crits tho please...
  5. M

    creating new characters

    sup is it possible to create new characters without overriding the current ones? -/\/\C
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    more flash drawings

    more flash drawings
  7. S

    Mapping problem

    I believe this has something to do with the hull file (considering thats what the error says). Anyways, let me explain the problem. Basically when I compile my map, I get a hull error, and when you join the map, its like everywhere is water. When I look up, the entire sky is one big leak, but...
  8. B

    Trunks with sword

    I edit an trunks with sword look here he have it only as ssj and he cannot punch with it its only to see him with sword but it looks good Credits to tha Real Modler of Trunks and to me for the new hair :) Get it on my site
  9. S

    I just downloaded a vaggito model

    i just downloaded a vaggito model.. but i dont no where to place it because i have i have cahnged goku and vageta and i dont whant to change those so where can i place him??:cry:
  10. -Dark Shadow-

    In milkshape how do i delete seperate things?

    well i am on milkshape and uploaded evil buu and when i did it had all the things there and was trying out something cos i delted the cape and then i was wondering how to delete like JUST the gloves NOT the OTHER THINGS AROUND IT which is JOINT up with... can someone tell me how to delete...
  11. V

    i could usr a hand at getting my sig to even show up

    uhhh not sure what i have to so to get my sig to show up and help would be good where the file is stored is there
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