1. E

    Help|Player Skins and selections skin screen

    Hello, I have a question. why my player skins are old?and the selection Screen? i only have ammm 8 charectars(Buu,Cell,Vegeta,Goku,Freeze,Gohan,Trunks,Krilin) here is a picture of Goku: Before i formated my computer my skins were diffrent,i...
  2. owa

    Photoshop 7 Help!

    Hey, Well I'm tryign to make a character thing like the one for Red sayin (well not liek it my own made up character just somthing like SPiN| Created) you lal know what I'm talking about right? its I guess you could say Redsayin's Mascot :p But ok I wanna know if there is a way to make a...
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